WF Operation app

May 30, 2023 (1y ago)

WF Operations


A comprehensive solution designed for one of our internal departments, offering integrated service order tracking, customer delivery management, and communication features within a single platform.


  • Productivity Surge: Our operational app boosted productivity by over 70% in one years, marking a significant efficiency improvement.
  • Reduced Wait Times: Streamlined processes cut job wait times significantly, ensuring quicker service delivery.
  • Instant Access: Team members now access crucial data instantly, eliminating hours of waiting for job-related information.


The project closely resembled the requirements of our ServiceA app, prompting us to embark on a detailed analysis of the team's existing challenges. With team members frequently sharing a substantial volume of pictures and videos daily—averaging around 200 keeping everyone informed about ongoing activities was paramount. However, existing solutions such as the SAP system and WhatsApp messages fell short in meeting these needs.

To address these challenges, we developed an app that unified order recording, tracking, management, and communication functionalities into a single, cohesive platform. Drawing inspiration from the notification blast feature in Service A, we ensured timely updates for each action. Leveraging the Chat Module previously developed for WKS, the app was implemented using a combination of Objective-C and Swift, with AWS serving as the backbone for the backend infrastructure. Now, the team can seamlessly manage job orders, communicate, and collaborate within the app, eliminating the need to shuffle between different platforms.


Technologies used to build : Swift, Objective-C, UIKit, Cacaopods, SNS, SES, DynamoDB, S3, Lambda, Cognito