WFA Admin

November 29, 2023 (1y ago)

WFA Admin


The admin client serves as a centralized hub for managing all operations related to the WongFong Academy App. It enables streamlined management of student data, certificate and ID issuance, content updates, and notification distribution.


  • Streamlined Management: The admin client simplifies administrative tasks, enhancing efficiency.
  • Error reduced by 80%: Within a month, error reports from admin staff were close to none , significantly improving operational smoothness.


During the development of the WongFong Academy App, we opted for simplicity by delegating administrative tasks to AWS Lambda functions triggered by S3 events. For instance, when creating student data or course certificates, admin staff simply upload an Excel file with the specified format to an S3 bucket. Subsequently, the trigger executes the Lambda function, utilizing the Pandas data framework to process the Excel data and populate DynamoDB accordingly.

However, over time, we observed challenges arising from incorrect Excel formats and staff oversight. To address this, I decided to make an admin client consolidating all Lambda triggers into a unified interface, enhancing usability and intuitiveness. Opting for an iPad and Mac (Catalyst) interface, the admin client enhances usability, streamlining administrative workflows for improved efficiency.


Technologies used to build : Swift, Objective-C, UIKit, Cacaopods, AWS, Pandas Dataframe