WongFong Academy

November 29, 2023 (1y ago)

WongFong Academy


Companion application designed for WongFong Academy students to track course achievements and certificates. It provides an array of checklists, materials, and safety news to support their coursework and job-related endeavors.


  • Convenience: Students can easily present their Digital IC within the WFA app to prove their identity when needed. It reduces the hassle of searching for cards and worries of forgetting to bring along the physical IC.
  • Contactless: Simply show your IDs on the device's screen without exchanging physical identification cards.
  • Effiency: The app displays the user’s latest photograph and details provided for higher accuracy when comparing likeness with physical cards.


At Wong Fong Academy, managing a high volume of student data is a daily challenge due to the short course durations and frequent turnover. Alumni often request certificates or need to update their details, adding to the workload. To streamline this process, we developed a digital platform where users can access their IDs, course certificates, checklists, and safety news.

I use Swift and a bit of Objective-C for the iOS app and AWS for the backend, we opted for a server-centric approach to simplify the app. Leveraging AWS Lambda functions for CRUD operations allowed us to maintain a unified backend codebase with the Android team. Our choice of Lambda, implemented in both Node.js and Python, enables efficient data management while ensuring consistency across platforms. For further insights into our decision to utilize Lambda for a shared backend, refer to my WFA Admin page.


Technologies used to build : Swift, Objective-C, UIKit, Cacaopods, AWS, Firebase, Pandas Dataframe