Rotomatik Operation App

December 30, 2022 (2y ago)

Rotomatik Operation App


Comprehensive inspection tracking application that oversees the entire process from job creation and checklist management to report generation and customer delivery.


  • Astounding Efficiency Boost: Inspection to customer approval, which previously required 3 days, now only takes 1 day, marking a remarkable 300% increase in efficiency.
  • Enhanced Tracking and Workflow: Digitalization and cloud-based management enable seamless retrieval of historical records and reports, significantly improving tracking and workflow management.


Our journey through this project was an exciting adventure, filled with discoveries and revelations as we embarked on the digital transformation of user workflows. Drawing insights from Rotomatik's existing processes, we carefully crafted an app flow that seamlessly blended digital innovations with user familiarity. With Swift and Objective-C as our trusty tools and AWS as our fortress of data security, we set forth on our quest.

One thing stand out for this project was the extensive use of AWS SES and SNS. We blast out notifications for every action related to job records, ensuring all technicians and users stayed informed. By using AWS SES, Cloudmersive, and Lambda, we streamlined the process of generating PDF checklists and sending emails, empowering users to access and share checklists effortlessly,


Technologies used to build : Swift, Objective-C, UIKit, Cacaopods, AWS, Firebase, Cloudmersive