KKL Asset Management

January 28, 2024 (5mo ago)

KKL Asset Management


The cloud-based mobile application developed by iApps.sg is a comprehensive solution designed to streamline the management of machinery fleets, operator work, machinery fault reporting and service tracking, internal order management, and more. Prior to the app, KKL faced challenges managing their machinery fleets and operator work due to reliance on manual processes and fragmented communication channels like WhatsApp. Now, with the app, employees can efficiently oversee machinery deployment, monitor operator work hours, facilitate inventory ordering, and manage maintenance activities, all within a centralized and intuitive platform.


I led the iOS team responsible for developing the app. We utilized Objective-C and Swift for this project. For the backend, we employed Lambda functions using Node.js and Python, along with event bridge and Step Functions. All data is securely stored on Amazon Web Services, ensuring real-time updates accessible to all stakeholders.

On the surface, the project may appear small and simple, but due to the nature of the app, a plethora of backend automations are integrated. For instance, we've implemented features such as auto-ending all operator's work at a certain hour, generating PDF reports for every machinery movement, maintenance service counting, and creating reminders after a certain machine hour run, to name just a few.


  • Enhanced Workflow Efficiency: By centralizing operations and automating key processes, we saved 3-4 hours daily, increased productivity by 300%, and reduced paper and other resource usage by 70%.
  • Streamlined Communication Channels: Our solution replaced fragmented communication methods with a centralized platform, fostering better collaboration and minimizing errors.
  • Improved Resource Allocation: Real-time visibility into operations enabled more efficient resource allocation, optimizing productivity and reducing downtime by 30%.
  • Automated Maintenance Tracking: Implementing automated maintenance reminders and reporting reduced manual workload and ensured proactive equipment maintenance.
  • Centralized Data Management: Secure storage on AWS facilitated real-time data access, enhancing collaboration and decision-making across the organization.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Prioritizing intuitive design improved user adoption rates, enhancing overall satisfaction and maximizing the benefits of the solution.
  • Scalable Architecture: Leveraging scalable technologies ensures the solution can accommodate future growth and evolving business needs without compromising performance.

Technologies used to build : Swift, Objective-C, Cacaopods, AWS, Firebase